Spring of Life Church School of Ministry (SOM)

With the purpose of strengthening new believers and educating them about the treasure imparted to them through repentance, the Spring of Life Church offers new believers and new members a spiritual journey consisting of a two-level educational program.

What is the aim of the two levels?

    1. The goal of the first level (Pure Spiritual Milk_ is to teach students about the foundations of the Christian faith, which include teachings about the Bible, spiritual warfare, Holy Spirit baptism, worthy Christian living, eternal life and various Christian foundational topics.
    2. The second level (Timothy) includes teachings about inner healing, multiplication, Evangelism, as well as Finances and Family. Through the lessons, the students are invited to take a deep look into their inner selves. Acknowledging all their inner wounds, weaknesses and imperfections before the Lord, they receive spiritual and emotional healing. The students become equipped as leaders of groups and of churches by receiving specific Biblical and experiential teachings related to evangelism, theology, and Christian Leadership.

SOL Bible School General Rules

      1. The student must be present or watch each lesson so that he/she can take their exam or move on to the next lesson.
      2. Each lesson has its own test for which the student receives a grade, except for some lessons that do not have tests but include reading materials.
      3. The passing grade for each test is 60%.
      4. To successfully complete a course, a student must achieve an average grade of 60% or higher.

International School of Ministry (ISOM)

The Lord Jesus commanded us not only to win souls but also to disciple people. More than anything, the world needs to be trained and prepared with godly and effective leaders. ISOM is a video course that prepares thousands of leaders around the world in various countries.

What is the aim of ISOM?

ISOM is created to prepare Christians who can transform the world. ISOM provides a comprehensive and balanced teaching and training for all people around the world. The purpose of this course is to prepare disciples who will become quality leaders and servants in the church. The focus of ISOM is to turn each local church into a training center for ministry.

How does ISOM empower your local church?

  • ISOM will train your church members through well-known and successful men and women of God.
  • ISOM will train and raise leaders who will support you & your God-given vision.
  • ISOM will keep you involved in the development of your members and saves valuable time in speeding up the training process.
  • ISOM trains your members and makes them effective while they’re still serving in your church.

ISOM equips leaders to be:

  • Established in God's Word
  • Gifted
  • Soul winners
  • Christ-like in character
  • Ready to serve
  • Spiritual mentors
  • Soaked in holiness
  • Led by the Holy Spirit
  • Ambassadors of the Kingdom

How does it work?

ISOM is a video Bible School that you can attend online or in your local church.

  1. Level One consists of five trimesters. Each trimester consists of 32 video sessions. Each trimester has its book. At the end of each session, a group discussion is conducted and at the end of each lesson, students are required to take a test. Participants who complete the first three trimesters receive a Certificate of Biblical Studies. Those who complete the first five trimesters receive a Diploma of Biblical Studies.
  2. Level Two consists of five trimesters. Each trimester consists of 32 video sessions accompanied by a book and tests at the end of each lesson. Participants who complete trimester 10 receive Bachelor of Ministry Degree from the Vision International University USA.

Who are the World-Class faculty?

ISOM has brought together more than 60 great men and women of God who are proven teachers of God’s Word and very effective ministers. Among those well- respected ministers are Joyce Meyer, Jack Hayford, John Bevere, Robert Morris, and Gilbert Bilezikian.

ISOM Around the World

  • 20,000 schools
  • In 150 countries
  • In more than 85 languages
  • More than 330,000 students

ISOM General Rules

  1. The student should attend the entire class (5 or 6 lessons, depending on the course) in order to pass and move on to the next class.
  2. Each course has its own textbook, for which the student will receive a grade, except for elective courses that do not have textbooks.
  3. The passing grade for each course is 60%.
  4. To successfully complete the semester, the student must accumulate a grade point average (GPA) of 60% or higher.
  5. If the student successfully completes the first three months as well as the fifth month, they will receive a congratulatory email in which the specific details for raising their GPA will also be mentioned.

Vision International Lebanon (VIL)

Vision International, Lebanon (VIL) is a unique educational experience. It is unique in its program, focus of ministry, and vision for the future. Our program is practical in nature, strong academically, local-church oriented, and able to equip people for full-time service for Christ. Our academic focus is to assist men and women of God in bringing the transforming power of Jesus Christ to their communities and cities and to the world.

VIL offers degree programs for students seeking academic advancement and preparation for professional service in Christian Ministry. It is a four-year Christian Education program intended to prepare Pastors in different ministries.

Our Model for Ministry

In the Old Testament, the training for ministry was Spirit-led and was birthed in the school of the prophets. In the New Testament, the best model for ministry training is seen in the church in the cities of Antioch and Ephesus, as seen in Acts 11:19-26, 13:1-4, 14:26-28, 15:30-35 and 19:1-20.

Here we see the church in the city, alive with the power of God, with Paul, Barnabas, Silas, Dr. Luke and other prophets & teachers, raising up men and women for fruitful ministry. They did so under the authority of the elders, and were accountable to those who sent them out.

This remains our model for education. We are more than an academic institution. We are an educational ministry with spirit and power and a focus on the restoration and transformation of lives, cities, and nations by the power of God.

What is the purpose of VIL?

Our purpose is to spread this vision of training the laity throughout the world.

Our slogan: The whole Word to the whole world.

Program Goals

Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  1. Lead congregations in creative, biblically–informed transformational endeavors
  2. Respond appropriately to societal trends that impact church ministry
  3. Critically and sympathetically engage new models with the historic resources of the Christian tradition
  4. Demonstrate biblical literacy and theological reflection
  5. Serve in a variety of ministry service roles
  6. Demonstrate a range of general and specialist ministry skills
  7. Minister to people with a wide range of needs, selecting appropriate approaches
  8. ԴDemonstrate practical skills in Christian teaching, preaching, leadership, pastoral, counseling, and cross-cultural situations

General Information

According to the field in which you are called, you can choose from the following four majors:

  1. Theology
  2. Christian Counseling
  3. Christian Education
  4. Leadership

Year One - Discipleship

Certificate IV in Christian Ministry (30 credit hours)

This level of ministry training includes:

  • Introductory courses in biblical studies and theology.
  • Christian character development, management skills, marriage and family enrichment skills, and evangelism-oriented communications skills.

Prepares students to serve as:

  • Small group leaders, home fellowship coordinators, bible study leaders.

Biblical Studies and Theology (Christian Ministry Units)

  • BI 100 – Hermeneutics: Introduction to Bible Study
  • BI 102 – New Testament Survery
  • RS 101 – Dynamic Christian Foundations
  • RS 109 – Spiritual Formation: Journey to Wholeness
  • RS 102 – Christian Life
  • BI 201 – The Gospel of John

Practicum (Community Service Units)

  • CC 101 – Sociology of Marriage and Family Life
  • GE 112 – Introduction to Management
  • RS 219 – Christian Character Development
  • GE 103 – English Composition
  • RS 103 – Advanced Communication: Evangelism

Year Two - Service

Certificate IV in Christian Ministry (30 credit hours)

This level of ministry training includes:

  • Intermediate courses in biblical studies, worship, and theology.
  • Teaching skills, counseling and pastoral care skills, financial responsibility and stewardship skills, and preaching skills.

Prepares students to serve as:

  • Church department head, associate pastor, lay leader, deacon.

Biblical Studies and Theology (Christian Ministry Units)

  • BI 101 – Old Testament Survery
  • BI 103 – The Pentateuch
  • BI 202 – The Book of Acts
  • BI 203 – Pauline Epistles: Romans
  • RS 209 – Faith Dynamics
  • RS 105 – Theology of Worship

Practicum (Community Service Units)

  • GE 220 – Financial Integrity and Stewardship
  • ED 101 – Dynamics of Teaching
  • CC 201 – Introduction to Psychology: Christian Counseling Perspectives
  • RS 212 – Speech and Communication: Homiletics

Year Three - Leadership

Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry (30 credit hours)

This level of ministry training includes:

  • Advanced courses in biblical studies, theology, missions, and church growth.
  • Pastoral leadership skills, church planting skills, church and ministry development skills, and missionary/international relations skills.

Prepares students to serve as:

  • Church planter, senior pastor, missionary, ministry leader.

Biblical Studies and Theology (Christian Ministry Units)

  • BI 302 – Major and Minor Prophets of the Old Testament
  • RS 200 – History of Civilization I: Church History Perspectives
  • RS 217 – Introduction to Charismatic Theology
  • GE 201 – Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective
  • RS 210 – The Blood Covenant
  • CC 301 – Self-Concept: Studies in Biblical Inner Healing

Practicum (Community Service Units)

  • RS 304 – Introduction to Leadership
  • RS 301 – Pastoral Ministry
  • RS 305 – Introduction to World Missions
  • RS 314 – Principles and Philosophy of Church Growth

Bachelor of Ministry

Program Core (15 credit hours)

  • BI 400 – Advanced Hermeneutics
  • BI 405 – Authenticity & Authority of the Bible
  • RS 435 – Christian Theology
  • RS 442 – Church Growth and Development
  • RS 444 – Advanced Christian Worldview Studies

Ministry Specialization Courses (15 credit hours)

- Emphasis in Theology

  • RS 419 – Systematic Theology
  • RS 436 – Ecclesiology
  • RS 437 – Christology
  • RS 438 – Eschatology
  • RS 439 – Pneumatology: Pentecostal/Charismatic Perspectives

- Emphasis in Christian Counseling

  • CC 402 – Crisis Counseling: A Christian Perspective
  • CC 404 – Counseling and Dysfunctional Family
  • CC 406 – Counseling and Family Violence
  • CC 415 – Human Development
  • OL 440 – Conflict Management and Resolution

- Emphasis in Christian Education

  • CC 415 – Human Development
  • ED 401 – Christian Education: Principles and Practice
  • ED 432 – Classroom Management
  • OL 440 – Conflict Management and Resolution
  • OL 460 – Ethics in Leadership

- Emphasis in Leadership

  • CC 415 – Human Development
  • OL 440 – Conflict Management and Resolution
  • OL 460 - Ethics in Leadership
  • RS 440 – The Challenge of Leadership
  • RS 441 – Strategic Church Administration

For Bachelor of Arts, students must:

  • Possess a high school degree or equivalent diploma
  • Provide transcripts of all high school and/or undergraduate work with a grade point average of at least 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) or equivalent from an accredited college or university
  • - To ensure broad coverage of content, a minimum number of credit hours must be obtained for each of the five areas of study listed below:
    • Humanities ... 6 credit hours
    • Fine Arts ... 3 credit hours
    • Social and Behavioral Science ... 6 credit hours
    • Natural Science and Mathematics ... 6 credit hours
    • Computer Skills ... 3 credit hours


Courses are offered in English language as well as Western Armenian (currently only years 3 and 4).

Courses in Arabic and other languages are work in progress.


The textbooks have been written by experienced teachers and scholars in the Body of Christ.

Method of Study

  • Receive the course textbook
  • Take an exam
  • Write a research paper and do a presentation on the paper


Regular tuition payments per course

Reasons to Be Enrolled

  • It is Biblical
  • It is affordable
  • It is decentralized education
  • It has a strategy of reproduction
  • It has no sectarian discrimination
  • It is a four-year program
  • You can follow either the accredited or the non-accredited track

Additional Information

  • A student can directly start from Year 3 of VIL if they have completed 5 trimesters of the International School of Ministry (ISOM) curriculum.
  • You can also pursue a Master’s and a Doctorate degree through VIL.