The Spring of Life Church Boston hosted its first annual conference on August 17-19th 2018, centered around spiritual growth and intimacy with God.
Reverend Kevork Tchaparian, Founder and Senior Pastor of Spring of Life Church, gave a series of life changing teachings. He taught on the following topics: 

  1. Our identity in Christ
  2. The importance of having godly character
  3. Living our true freedom and covenant with Christ
  4. Why we pray and how to pray
  5. How to partner with God to further his kingdom on earth, activating the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Apostle Rafael Najem, Senior Pastor of Community Christian fellowship, also joined us and gave a lecture about God‘s purpose in creating mankind and how to grow an intimate relationship with God.

We celebrated the water baptism of 7 people.

We had powerful encounters with the Lord, where the anointing was palpable and lives were changed.

Already looking forward to the conference next year!

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