Ministry in Armenia: May and July 2013

In Exodus 15:26, the Lord says to His people, "I am the Lord who heals you." The promises of God are eternal, and today also He is the Lord and Healer of His people who heals every sickness and disease.

The Pastor ministered in the God's People Church in May and July 2013. During the healing services in May, 32 people who had received healing testified.

One of the healings was particularly beautiful in that the Lord interrupted the sermon to reveal about the healing Garen had received in his stomach.

Vrej was healed from his wrist pain of 7 years, which was due to a broken bone.

The Lord revealed in detail about all sorts of pain people had had in their bodies and He healed them. Kohar, Vartan, Ashkhen, and Maxim testified.

Artsiom was completely healed from his headache of 3 years.

Zvart had pain in her spine and on the upper part of her spine, she had a lump. The lump immediately disappeared.

Others testified as well about receiving healing in their muscles, back, ear, and different areas.

The works and ways of the Lord are truly marvelous and amazing. During the healing services in July, Susanna testified about how the Lord had revealed about her pain and healed her in May when she was watching the healing service through internet video streaming.

During the services, 8 other people gave their testimonies.

Among them were Nazeli and Louisa.

The Lord is victorious; He reigns. Alleluia to Him who is able to heal every sickness, disease, and suffering.

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