The healing revival began with intense, spirit-lifting praise and worship. The Church was filled with 270 people, 61 of whom were new-comers and everyone was singing and praising the Lord Jesus Christ.

The pastor of the Spring of Life Church, Reverend Kevork Tchaparian, began the healing revival by introducing the guest, the renowned evangelist Dr.  A.L. Gill - also called Papa Gill worldwide, who started the service by quoting various Biblical verses describing the Lord’s amazing and miraculous healing power. Shortly afterwards, Papa Gill announced a number of ongoing healings throughout the church. Right after, many people came forward to testify to their healings, which were as follows:

  • Hrag Hagopian, who had been suffering from pain in the eye for the past three years and as a result of which had been wearing eye glasses, started to read the script flashing on the mounted screens without his eye-glasses.
  • Azad Kusbekian, who had been suffering from stomach pain because of hernia, was also totally healed.
  • Carina Meguerdichian, who had been suffering from chronic shoulder pain for the past two years, was healed.healed. 

Next, Papa Gill announced many healings by word of knowledge which were as follows:

  • Someone has a pain in the arch of the foot and now has been healed! Shortly afterwards, Sarah Stamboulian came forward and testified to the healing of pain that she had been suffering from for the past two years.
  • Someone is being healed in the left knee. A woman announced that she had been praying for her son who had been suffering from this pain.

Right after these two announcements, Papa Gill asked Pastor Kevork if the Lord was revealing anything to him.

They made an altar call and 23 out of the 61 new-comers received Christ as their Lord and Savior!

A woman named Lucine Ohanian, who had been suffering from pain in the arm and knees and had been unable to raise her arm at all, testified that she had been healed!

Then Pastor Kevork resumed the service by announcing other healings through words of Knowledge:

  1. Someone has been healed from pain in the back his/her head and suffers from dizziness! A woman named Marie and another named Anahit Karabaghian immediately testified to their healings.
  2. Urinary system problem has now been healed! A woman named khanem from Aleppo-Syria testified that she felt heat down her urinary system. A young man named Ara Baldjian also from Aleppo-Syria, who had been suffering from pain in the kidney because of bile stones, testified that his pain was totally gone.
  3. Afterwards, Papa Gill announced forearm pain being healed! A young man named Garen Erzroumian testified that he was healed from pain in his skeletal system while receiving Christ as his personal Savior.  Another man named Bedig Lepedjian, who had been suffering from forearm pain, announced that he was totally healed. A woman named Maral Atamian came forward and while being prayed upon by Papa Gill and Pastor Kevork, fell down. After she got up, she announced that pain had completely disappeared.
  4. Lung and respiratory problem has now been healed! An old woman came forward and announced that she had had various operations and had been suffering from acute breathing problem and was also healed.
  5. Arthritis been healed! A young lady named Jema, who had been suffering from pain in her body for years, and another woman named Santoukhd Mikaelian, who had been suffering from pain in her lower back for the past three years, came forward and announced being totally healed.

Finally, Papa Gill ended the first day of the healing revival by encouraging the people to stand firm in their faith in order to receive the manifestation of healing in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you. To Him be glory forever and ever, amen.

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